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Bromley album teaser

Here is a cool teaser for the upcoming debut album from the Dutch band Bromley, which was recorded in the Labtones Studio by me and Wilco Minderhoud. Recording took only 23 hours and we are now working on the final mixing and mastering… it is going to sound great!!

The album will be released on vinyl in December 2013; just contact them to reserve your copy (€10). You can find Bromley on Facebook:

How to get Steve Conte’s International Cover EP!

I promised you earlier to explain how you can get hold of the amazing “International Cover EP”, which Steve Conte recorded at our studio together with his band The Crazy Truth International. Well, here’s how: the EP comes with his solo album, which is currently being mixed in LA by Niko Bolas (known for his work with Neil Young and Keith Richards). He recorded this album together with members from Foo Fighters, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen and other famous names.

He does this release all by himself, so without the help of a record company! And in order to finish this record he started a campaign on And who can better explain how this works than the man himself:

After 18 hours the campaign already reached its goal (unbelievable!). Right now it is even at 113% and counting. If you check out the options on his Pledgemusic page you will see that there are a couple that include the six-song Cover EP (starting from $43). So join and enjoy the songs!

That's us: me, Steve and Wilco Minderhoud checking the mixes on headphones.

That’s us: me, Steve and Wilco Minderhoud checking the mixes on headphones.

Steve Conte – International Cover EP

When I saw this commercial on television as a kid in the 90s, I obviously had no idea that years later I would be working on a record of the guy singing this song: Steve Conte. But Wilco Minderhoud, Steve and I finished mixing and mastering the “International Cover EP” he recorded together with the Crazy Truth International. And it sounds GREAT! Stay tuned for more info how to get hold of this amazing EP!